Rose quartz &Howlite Set 💗
Rose quartz &Howlite Set 💗
Rose quartz &Howlite Set 💗

Rose quartz &Howlite Set 💗

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Super excited about this set!! This set is designed to attract super love and positive vibes. I put my whole heart into this one. The pendant is a Rose Quartz Arrowhead, removable of course and the accent beads and chips are Howlite. The matching bracelet has Howlite beads and rose quartz chips. Wear the bracelet on the right arm to be more loving towards others

Rose Quartz info:

Heart Chakra

  • Represents Unconditional Love
  • Carries feminine energy, compassion, peace tenderness and healing
  • Dissolves emotional wounds fears and resentments
  • Circulates loving energy throughout the entire aura
  • Reawakens the heart to its own innate love, providing a sense of personal fulfillment making it easier to truly give and receive love from others


Howlite info:

Crown Chakra

  • Teaches patience and overcoming self criticism
  • Very calming stone used to relieve stress of all kinds
  • Thought to help clarify one's mind and became aware of one's goals and ambitions
  •  Opens the mind to wisdom and new knowledge

  • It can improve memory, facilitate learning, and help access and balance unprocessed emotions

  • Will help to alleviate stress, and may help to calm fits of anger and  bad temper


When Rose Quartz is worn alongside Howlite which is also known for  harmony and emotional healing, the vibration of each stone is magnified and the wearer immediately feels  a sense of calm and positivity. Howlite and Rose Quartz are often turned to for soothing the senses so prepare for feelings of tranquility, serenity and peace to overwhelm you and change the way you project yourself upon the world.

Google for more information.