Black Obsidian with Sodalite Set
Black Obsidian with Sodalite Set
Black Obsidian with Sodalite Set

Black Obsidian with Sodalite Set

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If you order this strand please include your waist  and wrist measurement in the note section at check out. 

This strand is made with clear beads and features a Black Obsidian pendant and Sodalite chips. Pendant is removable. 

The matching bracelet has sodalite chips. If you don't know your wrist measurement I'll make it the standard size which is 7 inches.

Black Obsidian info:

Root Chakra

  • Used for protection because it draws in negative energy
  •  Commonly used for protection, healing, truth-telling, and feng shui
  • Born out of lava, black obsidian has the potent energy of several raw elements, including fire, earth and water

Cleanse it regularly and take good care of its physical surroundings. Do not place black obsidian on the floor or anywhere else where it can get neglected


Sodalite info:

Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra 

  • May assist you if you're doing public speaking
  • Help to enhance your creativity, and to develop your mental abilities, and use them in areas such as research.
  • Has an excellent energy that will bring calmness to your emotions, and strong clarity to your thoughts.


Google both for more information